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Illuminate the Customer Journey With Data and Analytics

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Ogilvy Healthworld’s senior director of marketing and analytics, Iyiola Obayomi, discusses how big data analysis can enhance a marketer’s understanding of audiences throughout the customer journey.

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Does Size Always Matter?

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Ogilvy HealthPR in London’s account director, Nicola Kent, explores the importance of active engagement as pharma companies embrace social media as a means to reach various audience segments.

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Google Changes Search Ad Format For Pharma Brands


Ogilvy CommonHealth’s SVP, director of engagement strategy, Chris Cullmann, breaks down what pharmaceutical companies need to know about the newest update to Google’s Search Ad format.

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The Next Phase of Pharmaceutical Value Propositions Needs to Include the Real Meaning of Synergy

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Ogilvy CommonHealth Payer Marketing’s SVP, business intelligence and analysis, Stephen Lubiak, examines the opportunity for pharmaceutical manufacturers to lend significant credibility in clinical research and highlight synergy to demonstrate value to stakeholders.

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A Case Study: Unlearning

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Ogilvy CommonHealth Creative team’s associate copywriter, Uchechi Iroha, explores the concept of unlearning and the importance of making mistakes.

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Satisfying Patient Needs Across Generations via Patient Portals

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Monica Wong, senior analyst at Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide’s Analytics group, explains how digital patient portals can address the needs of patients across various age groups and how marketers can leverage these tools to engage with patients.

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Wearable Wonder: Will They Improve Patients’ Quality of Life?


Ogilvy CommonHealth Medical Marketing’s SVP, management supervisor, Leanne Lake, discusses real world opportunities for wearable technology to make an impact on patients’ lives.

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Product Launch Made to Work

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Angelo Campano, senior consultant at Ogilvy Healthworld’s Analytics group, discusses the barriers and opportunities facing new product launches in a modern healthcare environment.

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The Digital Health Revolution: Transforming the Patient Journey

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Ogilvy Public Relations’ Molly Hoffman examines how social media has influenced a shift the patient and doctor relationship. This influence has pushed the industry to the tipping point of a digital health revolution.

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Forget Mobile First, Think Customer First


Ogilvy CommonHealth’s chief technology officer, Matt Balogh, reflects on his time at SXSW Interactive 2015 and explains how a user-centric model of thought is imperative for new forms of innovation across all sectors.

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