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Don’t Worry, Be Monkey


Ogilvy CommonHealth Asia Pacific’s managing director, Rohit Sahgal, examines the health and behavior changes that occur for millions during two major cultural traditions: the Lunar New Year and India’s Kumbh Mela pilgrimage.

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Follow Me on Instagram

Social media is here to stay. Arjun Patel, analyst at Ogilvy Healthworld Marketing Analytics & Consulting in New York, explains how healthcare companies can embrace social media as a critical marketing tool for interacting with audiences.

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For Optimized Brand Strategies, Look to Market Research

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The most impactful brand strategies live in a balance between creativity and effectiveness. Ogilvy CommonHealth Market Access’ SVP, market research and strategy, Lori Gittleman, examines the crucial role of market researchers to drive effectiveness through the process of gathering facts, give them meaning, and make actionable recommendations for clients.

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Top Picks From CES 2016

Author Pic CES

Ogilvy CommonHealth’s Ashley Evens and Nelson Figueiredo deliver their first-hand perspectives on the most thought-provoking healthcare technologies on display at CES 2016 including holograms, virtual reality, wearables, and more.

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Stuck in My Head


Great creative work can stick with people for a lifetime and iconic advertisements still resonate with today’s audiences. Ogilvy Healthworld’s assistant account executive, Alexis Poindexter-Jenkins, examines how “great creative” can leave a lasting impact on our shared human experiences.

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Viewpoints @ CES: Joe Youssef

CES Logo

Right now some of the most innovative technologies are being unveiled at the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show (CES). We sat down with Joe Youssef, engagement strategist at Ogilvy CommonHealth and a veteran of CES, to discuss how this event is shaping the future of how we interact with technology.

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How Saying Thank You Can Transform Your Career

ThankYou 200x149

“Thank You” Two simple words have the power to transform an organization into a family. Ogilvy CommonHealth’s senior copywriter, Amy Gross, explores the power of practicing mindfulness, being thankful, and how expressing gratitude can empower teamwork.

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Machines Learning Marketing

It seems all of our technologies have become “smart” these past few years. From recognizing musical tastes to understanding purchasing habits, “machine learning” has the ability to record much more than past behaviors. Ogilvy Healthworld in New York’s senior analyst, Andrew Van Aken, examines the opportunities for marketers to better understand “machine learning” and gather intuitive and valuable insights from consumers.

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Woo Hoo!

Whether you are selling an idea to a client or friend, the process of strategic influence drives a lasting impact on an audience. Ogilvy CommonHealth Medical Marketing’s SVP, management supervisor, Meredith Levy, examines different styles of relationship-based and emotionally intelligent persuasion to sell your ideas.

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Biosimilars: You Won’t Feel a Thing (For Now, Anyway)

Ogilvy CommonHealth Payer Marketing’s associate account group supervisor, Claire Pisano, discusses how the introduction of biosimilars will shake-up the healthcare landscape. But before the wide adoption of these new products, there are many hurdles to be addressed.

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